About The Enfield

Modern news outlets deliberately feature stories to create a narrative that fits neatly into a political, philosophical, and corporate agenda. They frame stories to sway the thoughts and opinions of their audience.

In today’s world, the media doesn’t report the news – they make it.

Journalists have exploited their platform to spread their own political bias. Editors have enforced ideological directives. Honest reporting is discouraged.

The Enfield puts integrity back into journalism with straight-forward reports that let the audience think for themselves. We are the observers who record facts – the guardians of historical accuracy.

We are not a large corporation, but simply a handful of dedicated individuals committed to providing accurate and reliable news.

According to medieval folklore, the enfield is a mythological creature having the head of a fox, forelegs of an eagle, and the hindquarters of a wolf. It is said that those who adopted the visage of an enfield possessed the subtlety and cunning of a fox; the magnanimity and fortitude, with the honor, labor, industry, and diligence of the eagle; and the fierceness of the wolf.

Although the beast comprises contradictory parts, they combine to create a more exemplary being.

We have adopted the enfield as our mascot because it represents the diversity within our organization while symbolizing our unyielding commitment to honest reporting.