Trump Says “They Cheated and Rigged our Presidential Election” at Valdosta Rally

"They cheated and rigged our presidential election," President Donald Trump said about democrats while speaking at a rally in Valdosta, Georgia.

They cheated and rigged our presidential election,” President Donald Trump said about democrats while speaking at a rally in Valdosta, Georgia.

The Republican National Committee scheduled the rally to help bolster the efforts of two Republican senators, David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, who are candidates in Georgia runoff elections.

At the rally, President Trump claimed multiple times that he won the Presidential race in Georgia. “They cheated and rigged our presidential election, and they are going to try and rig this election too,” Trump said speaking of the Georgia runoff elections.

They are trying to convince you that we lost, we didn’t lose… The only way they won is because they stuffed the ballot boxes… Hundreds of thousands of illegal votes were cast in every state,” he said.

The Trump campaign’s legal team continues to allege election fraud in Georgia along with several other states. The claims have been bolstered this weekend after witness testimony and video evidence were presented at an “election integrity” hearing before the Georgia Senate Oversight Committee. The video, which was provided by a private security firm, purports to show counting of the disputed ballots taking place at Atlanta’s State Farm Arena.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is now advocating for “signature audits” of ballots cast in his state following the hearings. The development came after surveillance video released on Friday appears to show Fulton County poll workers continuing to count ballots after telling poll watchers to leave.

President Trump’s attorneys have claimed the surveillance video shows that briefcases full of, possibly fake, ballots are shown being removed from underneath a table after election officials sent the poll watchers home.

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